President’s Welcome Note


It’s a pleasure to have you visit our website. The Convention for Biomedical Research Ghana (CoBReG), previously the Ghana Biomedical Convention (GBC), is strongly dedicated to promoting biomedical science in Ghana, and hence actively engages both professionals and students alike who are driven by the passion to help do so. As a result, CoBReG subsumes scientists cutting across all areas of biomedical science and research, with a common goal of promoting Ghanaian biomedical science leading to an improved public health. It was formed by an international group of researchers, teachers and healthcare professionals whose vision, philanthropy and energy helped to launch its inaugural annual convention in 2008 in Accra.

The taskforce needed to run CoBReG is provided by its Board Members, as well as its various Professional and Student Members. CoBReG has expanded its reach to several academic institutions in Ghana and abroad to build an enduring and multidisciplinary network to service its core mission. A strategic alliance with Ghana Biomedical Research Network (GBRN) provides a mechanism to raise funds to support research and education activities in Ghana, and to help train a new generation of scientific leaders in Africa. The annual CoBReG meeting provides doctors, scientists and students in Ghana and in the diaspora a platform for exchange of ideas and nurture collaborations. The annual meeting has produced a range of capacity building and educational initiatives designed to increase the proportion of researchers in Ghana engaged in the global biomedical research enterprise. GBC attracts corporate leaders in biotechnology to its annual meetings thereby providing researchers and students in Ghana access to cutting-edge technologies in the biomedical field. CoBReG is now poised for an exciting new phase of growth with plans for a secretariat to support its educational programs.

The CoBReG website provides a taste of our vision, and provides detailed information on our Mission, Strategic vision, and goals. You may also find information on our current initiatives that include Advocacy, Training and Mentoring, as well as our Sponsor-a-Doctor program helpful. Furthermore, information concerning our past, present, and future conferences can be found on the website, as well as information on various collaborations and other opportunities available. Students are also encouraged to visit the Student Network page for information regarding various student activities and opportunities.

The 2016 annual scientific meeting is scheduled to take place in University for Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS), Ho, 2-4 August, and will be preceded by a 1 day seminar on Bio-Ethics, which should appeal to biomedical scientists and health professionals, as well as other interesting workshops.

Thank you for visiting us, come back soon!