Sponsor a Doctor

Introducing Sponsor-a-Doctor

The sponsor a doctor program is designed to provide financial assistance for BSc holders who want medical training and are willing to work in a rural area. It aims to link mentors to young medical students to build a cadre of excellent practitioners; and create opportunities for specialized training locally or internationally.

Why the need?

  • WHO estimates that the West African sub-region lacks 76% of the medical professionals (doctors, nurses, paraprofessionals) it needs.
  • Ghana has 2,100 registered medical doctors, thus a doctor-patient ratio of about 1 to 10,500. WHO recommends 1 to 1,000 and 1 to 200 is the norm in developed countries.
  • Many Ghanaian-trained doctors emigrate. During a six-year period in the 1990s, 670 out of about 800 new grads left.
  • Both the University of Ghana and KNUST have programs that admit BSc science grads. Cape Coast has a new undergrad fee-paying program. All are expensive.
  • Post-graduate programs in biomedical sciences, public health, and biomedical engineering are expanding, but are costly.
  • Rural areas are especially lacking manpower.